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Cisco IOS archive feature path variables

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Cisco IOS archive feature supports two variables that can be used to define path property. Those are $t for date/time and $h for hostname. Date/time format can be adjusted with service timestamps log command. Also, don’t forget to configure an appropriate timezone name and offset. Here’s an example.

service timestamps log datetime localtime show-timezone year
clock timezone EET 2
clock summer-time EEST recurring last Sun Mar 3:00 last Sun Oct 4:00
 log config
  logging enable
 path tftp://$h-$t

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Warning – MODE button!

You all know that fancy Mode button located on every single non-modular Catalyst switch (Cisco 3750/3560). It gives you a way to visualize switchports information – like duplex mode, speed, stack member, master switch, PoE status and so on. This magic button also provides you with the only available method to enter a recovery mode (if enable password had been lost). All these features are well known to any Cisco engineer – this is the basis of CCNA course that relates to L2/switches subject. Now, imagine another not-so-well-known feature which can put you in the middle of the nightmare… Read more …