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The journey to successful SD-WAN deployment

I’ve decided to put this article together as we’re approaching the end of our SD-WAN project. There are still couple challenging sites left to deploy (delay is caused by hardware delivery), but these are not going to have any negative impact on overall picture. I am pretty sure everyone in our company will agree that this project was a great success from a design and delivery perspective. We had few challenges, but managed to adjust our approach in a timely manner ensuring agility is not compromised. I’d like to say we could have done this quicker, but legal sector (at least our company!) doesn’t appreciate disruptive changes, so we had to balance.

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Fun: Saudi Cabling Masters

Riyadh Crazy CablingI haven’t posted any fun stories here yet. However, I might slightly change this blog’s format. We have PoE-powered video surveillance problems in Riyadh (ports do not come up). I shared my opinion that cabling is likely our problem and got this response back in a minute. Picture is also attached 🙂

Please have it be known that the calibre of cabling contractor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the envy of the world. I can’t believe for one minute they would have not done this correctly.

Please see attached example of Jeddah, clearly there is nothing wrong with what they have done here !!!

Cabling masters 80 lvl. I like the way DATA and TELEPHONY CABAL patch panels are labeled too.

Recovering bricked Cisco WLC 4400

Getting back to my bricked WLC. Well, ex-bricked WLC. If you missed that post – check it out here.

I have spent few months trying to find a fix to this. I tried different ways, including unofficial talks with Cisco TAC engineers. Although they tried to be polite, no one wanted to go deep into my problem. No one cares about End of life device without hardware support. Well, no one except myself. Simply because I didn’t want to spend few more hundreds to buy one extra working controller for my lab. And, I managed to reanimate it. Cure is soooo simple… You’ll be surprised. Continue reading

All-in-one network engineer cable!

I want to apologize for being silent and not sharing any knowledge recently. I am so much busy these days – having few big projects going on (mostly QoS related). I just don’t have any free time for this blog at the moment. But… I already started few new posts and will try to finish at least one of them during the following weekend (will cover Cisco 3750 Congestion Management mechanics).

Well, for now I just want to share this link with you – the 5-in-1 network admin’s cable. I found it to be absolutely amazing thing and will spend some time soon to create one for myself.

Good luck!