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Cisco Live 2020 Techtorial Sessions Takeaways, Day 1

I’ve just returned from Cisco Live 2020. It was my third CL since I first went there in 2018. It is an amazing place to learn new things, discuss problems or issues with TAC engineers to find appropriate solutions, as well as try multiple technologies in lab environment. I’ve attended few breakout sessions this year and just want to post my notes here for my own benefit.

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Cisco Smart License Conversion Trick

It’s been a while since Cisco has announced Smart License to replace Traditional PAK-based licensing. Overall, this new system brings loads of benefits, such as ability to track license utilization, see all managed instances by hostname, transfer licenses and product instances between virtual accounts (i.e. sub-domains) and many other features. However, it also brings some challenges and surprises that everyone must be aware of.

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