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Perpetual and Fast PoE are friends, m’kay?

PoE icon was borrowed from LightwareHave you ever heard about two new PoE enhancements that are available on some Catalyst 3850 and all Catalyst 9K platforms? If not, you’re not alone. I only found out about these few months back by accident when I was troubleshooting some issues. There are two great features available for you to configure on PoE-enabled switches:

  • Perpetual PoE: preserves power during warm reload
  • Fast PoE: provides power to the port after cold start at pre-outage levels

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A correct way to shutdown Cisco Autonomous AP

An interesting fact – powered over Ethernet autonomous Cisco access point continue to associate clients even if you shutdown the relevant switch port! I recently shutdown the switch port to which a spare access point has been connected, assuming it will stop providing PoE. Few days later my friend’s IT specialist reported their customers have connectivity problems when they approach that particular access point. He also asked if the blue light reflects a working condition. That knocked me down. How could it be powered on if I administratively disabled the switch port?! Continue reading