Cisco WLC SFP Inventory

We all know about very useful IOS command show inventory, which displays asset’s detailed information, including installed SFPs and their serial numbers. However, in case of AireOS, show inventory supplies very limited information – only chassis model and serial number, there’s no information about SFPs. Well, is there a way to find SFPs models and serial numbers? Yes, with the help of the following hidden AireOS command:

debug fastpath cfgtool --dump.sfp

Here’s an example output from one of ours WLCs:

(Cisco Controller)>FP0.
Port SFP Vendor       Transceiver Type    OUI PartNumber       Rev  SerialNumber     DateCode Auth
   1 CISCO-METHODE    (0x08)1000BaseTX        SP7041-R              MTC201XXXXX      16030701 ok
   2 CISCO-METHODE    (0x08)1000BaseTX        SP7041-R              MTC201XXXXX      16030701 ok

The model, the part and serial numbers are all there.

I hope you find this helpful.

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